Heating breakdown repairs

Most boilers work as condensing boilers and they are great when it comes to the consumption; they can typically use 10-20 percent less gas compared to the traditional boilers. However, they may also break down in cold temperatures and it is important to do timely heating repairs Clapham. The condensing boiler comes with a compensating pipe, and it may freeze at times, but it is important to know how you are able to prevent this. The first thing that you may try is keeping the heat on. If you have a timer, you may set the heating to a low temperature during the night and when there is no person around. This is the best solution.
When the condensate pipe has already been frozen, then you may thaw it by the use of a hot water bottle or through pouring the water at the pipe and resetting the thermostat. When the problem continues, you have to try moving the pipe so that it may stay indoors, or you can have the pipe replaced with a wider pipe or place insulation on the pipe. Another problem that may require heating repairs Clapham is that the boiler may be making a strange noise, like a ticking or cluncking. This will indicate there is a problem that will need your immediate attention. You may also look at how the boiler is using the gas and you should know the right level of the gas and be alert when it is using more gas than it should be. When the gas price goes up and you did not change any of your heating habits, then you have to be aware of what is going on. When you have an old boiler and it requires more repairs, it is good to replace it instead.

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