How to unblock a manhole

Manholes are constructed in areas where there is no built city sewer system, so it is important that it is constructed well and that it functions well, without problems such as a Blocked manhole Clapham. A manhole collects waste waters and prevents the spreading of unpleasant smells or possible infections and diseases.

The construction of a manhole is simple. Usually, this is a concrete underground space/container divided into two chambers. The larger chamber is about 2/3 of the total volume of a manhole, while the smaller chamber takes about 1/3 of it. The larger chamber is usually constructed with the slope (from the entrance into a manhole) because sedimentation is the highest at the very entrance into a manhole. The lower chamber usually includes filters that take water into a collecting well.

The size of a manhole should be decided while taking into consideration water consumption in the household. There is some info that the average household member daily uses about 150 liters of water, which would mean that one person will fill about 4.5 cubic meters of a manhole ? with the condition that there is no collecting well.

The general rule with manhole construction is that the least volume should be 3 cubic meters for a household of up to 5 rooms ? and to add 1 cubic meter for each additional room. Some countries have placed a legal minimum of 10 cubic meters for any manhole.
The diameter of the pipe entering a manhole is usually 160 mm. The optimum pipe slope is 1%, which is 1 cm for each meter. To decrease the speed of waste water entering a manhole, it should be at least 2 meters away from the house ? and there shouldn’t be pipe connections with a 90 degree angle.

It is good to mention that cleaning of a manhole (and possible problems with a Blocked manhole Clapham) will be less often if you use a cleaning solution for manhole maintenance. These are bio-enzymes that dissolve organic waste on carbon-dioxide and water. As it is packed in small packs/bags, one just has to put one bag in a toilet and that’s it.

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