Storage Cylinders

Our water is usually stored in something called a cylinder. These vessels are made from really strong plastics. The function they provide make it necessary for them to have a good solid support structure. The very old vessels that were made from galvanized did not require this kind of support. Clapham Plumbers will remove and replace this item. These older tanks and vessels are still found in some homes and need to be disposed of in an ecological and safe way.Facts:Any new container needs to have at least a minimum volume of 100litres to supply only, either a system of cold, or a system of hot water, however, this volume is required to be at least 200ltrs with the best being 250ltrs if it supplies both cold and hot water. To achieve a good pressure at the outlets, like showers or taps etc. the cylinder needs to be fitted at the highest point in the home, which will potentially need a supporting frame. It is essential that you use sufficiently strong timber and breasts to make sure it will support the weight of the cylinder when it is full of water. A Clapham Plumber knows all the cylinder and system volumes. Weight involving water can be very easily misunderstood, for example, 1litre of water weighs 1kg, therefore, 250ltrs of water would weigh 250kg which is one quarter of a ton.Please note that no pastes or compounds are to be used in order to make any connections to these cylinders as they will have a corrosive affect on the plastic walls, causing them to break down and reduce its life expectancy. Connections are made to the cylinder with tank connectors. These are simply passed through a pre-drilled hole in the cylinder, using a plastic washer, and when the fitting is tightened up it will grip tightly to the system wall.

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